About Us

The foundation of Deep Stonex was built up in the year 2000, we are a renowned processor of quality marble & granite back by a strong legacy that spans over two decades. Engaged in the quarrying, manufacturing, and supplying of Indian natural stones and exploring the intrinsic character of marble and granite, we carefully select our collections from an ample range of exotic stones of different colors and textures. Processing by sophisticated machines, proficient craftsmanship, and diligent procedures, the natural stones are brought to you with our heart and soul to adapt to the latest trend of the design of extraordinary architectures. We make sustainable efforts to provide luxurious and durable varieties of marble and granite across the globe.

We are renowned for our ability to take any job, regardless of the quantity, and assure completion of the work within the specified time limit, without compromising on the quality. Our manufacturing standards, strict quality compliance, and professional & honest approach have placed us on top of the competition and always keep us the front-runner in the industry. Our strengths are based on perfect service, mature management, close attention to customer requirements, and innovative theory which has to enable us to multiply our original production capacity by a number of times since inception, with further expansion in the pipeline.

Full customer satisfaction is our core principle. That is why, we work hard to adapt our systems to change as per customer’s requirements and realize their expectations, without compromising from any detail. We adopt ongoing improvement in all our business aspects and prospects, rather than maintenance of our existing conditions, as our fundamental philosophy. We strive for perfection in everything we do. We live by the rule of taking the best that exists and making it better, to make sure there are no imperfections

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to anticipate & innovate the stone industry, which provides value, design, vitality & inspiration to the living spaces and to the lives of all people around the world. Our vision is to provide stones that are not only an aesthetic delight but also have the strength to withstand the test of architecture.


Before all else, we are concerned with catering a consistently flawless and reliable product with industry-leading service. A product and service that we are proud of and a product that our clients can rely on for decades to come.


At Deep Stonex, we are not only constantly working to improve our product & efficiency, but also our methods, ethics & standards.


The same respect that Deep Stonex shares with its customers is also shared mutually between all our employees. We seek to help each individual in our company grow and move towards their goals as we all move towards our collective goals.

Embracing Excellence

We believe in continuously changing & evolving ourselves, our work environment, processes, and systems with time and technology to enable accelerated growth by building a fast, adaptive, and smart company.

Why Deep Stonex


We have more than 20 years of experience in the stone industry and are considered pioneers of the trade.

Processing & Handling

Processing natural stones with the latest technology & handling them with utmost precision & timely execution to satisfy our customer's expectations globally.

Worldwide network

Our Standard quality products & exceptional services help us to establish long-term relationships with clients in more than 50 countries.

Personal Touch

We don’t believe in large impersonal showrooms, rather, we truly enjoy working with people, we respect their perceptions & budgets.

Quality Compliance

Our product experts follow strict quality control procedures for every stage of production and personally inspect each block & finished slab.

"Client is First" policy

We ensure a high level of commitment from our end towards our customer and also we believe in delivering more than the promise.


Our products are sourced from the finest quarries and only premium grade blocks are procured and processed with utmost precision to bring a rare and exotic luxury collection for our customers.